Welcome to the homepage of our sheltiekennel. Our first sheltie did came live with us on the 30th may of 1995, Wildwood Flower's Inventive Shari, she learned us a lot about the sheltie. We were right away in love with this breed. Shari was a lovely, she did everything by herself. Shari loved agility, in Winter, but the summer was too hot for her to run, she thought. Unfortunately Shari died on the 7th of december 2001 after she had epileptic seizures. 

1995 - Our first 2 shelties, Kalin & Shari

Three months later Kalin, came with us, a very different sheltie than Shari, less independent, but a real sweetheart. Kalin had a kinky tail, so she was not to breed with. Kalin loved agility, very early. She was an early pension dog, because of her health problems. Just fun was the only thing in her life. She loved to play with the younger girls. Kalin died on the 2-nd of April 2010 at age of 15 years old.

In march 1996 came Keshia with us. a blue merle sheltielady. She is a busy, happy Sheltie, who plays a lot with her ball. Keshia retired also very early. She had heartproblems. She died at age of 14 1/2 years old, on the 11-th on July 20010, 3 months after Kalin died.

1996: Keshia, Kalin & Shari

1997: Shari, Keshia, Kalin & Savannah

Savannah is from own breed, was born in 1997. Daughter from - Wildwood Flower's Inventive Shari - "Shari" x Zygotes Golden Bow - "Marlow". She was one of the graziest shelties I have ever seen. I wanted to Show with her, but she did get an accident. Her hip was out of the bowl, when she was 2 years old. She is been operated succesfully. At age of 7 she did get her first Epileptic Seizure. Luckily we got her seizure free 1 1/2 years later. She was 3 years and 9 months seizure free when she died. She is our third housedoggy :-)) 

1998: Shari, Keshia, Kalin & Savannah

1999: Shari, Kalin, Savannah & Keshia

One of the last photos with our Shari on it

2000: Kalin, Shari, Keshia, Savannah & Ylanie

May 2000, did Ylanie came with us - Dawnville Lookin' For Trouble. I saw her on the internet and I was completely in love. Ze is a lovely, naughty sheltie. She likes to work. Her first show was in 2002 in Leeuwarden, she did get an Excellent. She likes agility a lot.

2001: Whisper, Ylanie, Keshia, Savannah & Kalin

On the 13-th januar 2002 came Whisper with us "Excellent Choice Spezial Effect" - Whisper is a daughter of Multi Ch. Zarvo Simply Smashing - Flash x Dts. Jgd. Ch. Moorwood Theme of Megnificent Glory - Fame. We are very proud that she is with us. Whisper is a very naughty, but stubborn sheltie. We stopped breeding with Whisper after her daughter Prudence develloped Epileptic Seizures and Strokes at very young age. Prudence has an Mitochondrial Encephalopathy, her nerves and brains (and heart) are affected with the desease. More symptoms from this horrible desease are, aging fast, muscle problems, muscle pain, muscle weakness, neuropatic pain, lack of energy, lack of oxigine, this desease is irresponsible to breed with. Later on in the years we did get more shelties with symptoms of this desease.

2003: Kalin, Phoebe, Savannah, Keshia, Prudence, Ylanie & Whisper

On the 14-th of  September 2003, Whisper's first litter was born, our second litter from the kennel.   Whisper - Excelent Choice Spezial Effect x Ned. & Int. Ch. Mr. Magoo of Blue Tails.  After 6 1/2 years of waiting and a lot of bad luck, a dream came through. Two girls and two boys were born. Whisper's daughter Phoebe & Prudence did stay with us.


2002: Whisper, Prudence, Phoebe, Keshia, laying in front: Kalin, Savannah & Ylanie

 Phoebe & Prudence are very naughty girls. Our adrenalline stays floating with these two in our home. As well Prudence as Phoebe did let us scare a lot by running away from us.

2004: Keshia, Ylanie, Savannah, Kalin, Whisper, Prudence & Phoebe

2005: Savannah, Keshia, Ylanie & vooraan: Paige, Prudence, Phoebe, Kalin & Whisper

12 september 2005 is Paige geboren, zij zat in het laatste nestje van Whisper. Paige is gebleven van de vier pups.

2006: Whisper, Prudence, Phoebe, Paige & vooraan: Kalin, Keshia, Savannah & Ylanie

2007: Kalin, Keshia, Paige, Ylanie, Phoebe, Prudence, Savannah & Whisper

2008: Prudence, Phoebe, Paige, Whisper, Ylanie & vooraan: Keshia, Kalin & Savannah

2009: Paige, Whisper, Phoebe, Prudence & vooraan: Kalin, Keshia, Savannah & Ylanie

2010 - Ylanie, Keshia, Savannah, Kalin, Whisper, Prudence, Phoebe & Page

2011: Prudence, Paige, Ylanie, Savannah, Whisper & Phoebe