Whirlwind of Shadows Sweet and Sexy

Savannah is born at the 30th may 1997. Savannah is an daughter of Wildwood Flower's Inventive Shari x Int. Ch. Zygotes Golden Bow. We had planned her for showing. She is the most graziest Sheltie I have ever seen. She runs like a Whirlwind and is gone like a shadow. With six weeks of age she gave sandwiches legs, she loved to drink with you: thea, coffee or cola, it does'nt matter what. Who is for nothing affraid, proud she comes with her tail up to scare big dogs. Who plays in her own outside, when it is raining hard. We wanted to bring her out on shows, she did grow out to a beautifull Sheltie, but when she was two years old she did get an accident and her hip was out of the bowl. They have operated her and put the hip into the bowl.
Were happy she feels so good again, that she can walk good again. We are thankfull for this. When Shari died our Savannah did take the job of Shari, she is the boss now. She changed from a lovely adorable Sheltie in a bitch from a Sheltie. Always growling when someone does something wrong. She changed the last months a lot, she is becoming to look a lot about her mother Shari now. She does not like playing shelties, but she likes to bark, so everyone can bark with her, our Shari liked to bark too and allowed it.

The 7th of december is Shari, Savannah's mother died after a epileptic seizure. Savannah did help Shari the last three weeks of Shari's live. She helpt her to keep order in de group. Shari was always the top-dog. Savannah did take her job as top-dog, she is doing it very good. She changed from a lovely sheltie in a bitchy sheltie. She lookes a lot about her mother, playing shelties in the house are not allowed, but barking is allowed, just the rules her mother had :-)  Savannah takes her job very seriously, she helpes me to take care of the group shelties in the house. We are very glad that Savannah is the top-dog now, and that she acts like her mother. She does also take care of Whisper's little girls ;o) Sometimes when Ylanie has her period than Savannah goes to Agility, Savannah likes it very much, but only when she can run her parcours, the things she mostly likes ;o)



Savannah and her mother Shari
While Savannah has an accident we did not breed with her.