Dawnville Lookin' For Trouble




Ylanie was born at the 18th januar of 2000. Actually we were lookin for a Blue Merle as Ylanie came in the picture. I saw her on the internet and I was sold. A month later she was with us. Her name was at first Sarah or Saartje, but I had Shari who I called sometimes Saartje, and I had Savannah who was called for short Sannah. If I called Sarah, Sannah came sometimes, If I called Saartje my Shari came. We called every name what we liked and after Calling real loud Yyyyylaaaaaaanieeeeeeee, there was a little girl who came lookin with us. Since that day, we call her Ylanie :o))  Ylanie did came with us when she was four months old. She is not long with us, but long enough to know that she is not easy. She is mischievious according to her breeder.. And I know she has not said to much. She is like her mother " a hand full" but we're very happy she is with us.

Ylanie has a Agility cariere, on her own way. She does not like supporters, and when they are lookin to her when she has to run her parcours, than she goes to the supporters and she scares everyone with her barking and hopes the supporters are going to BURZZ OFF ;o)) Ylanie does also like to get everyones trousers ;o))




Ylanie likes it the best at home between her friends, she likes to play with the young ones.
We have never breed with her