Paige is our youngest, she is born on the 12-th of september 2005. She is our houdini in a square. From the moment she was three weeks Paige escaped from everything, nothing could keep her away from us. She was always early a wake's and She started a concert of singing puppies. The only thing Paige wanted was her freedom. At 6 o clock in the morning she was running through the room, because she was escaped again. She is a real Houdini, no one can keep her behind bars.  Paige is a happy girl. She has never a bad mood. Paige is the moast Charming Sheltie I have ever seen in my life, no one can keep angry on her, although she has many naughty things done. If someone is angry with her she's been forgiven within 5 minutes. She puts on her innocent face, and she give them so many kisses that they are forgotten that they were angry. Paige likes to play and tease, she takes care of anyone. Kalin does always gets big kisses from her when she is a sleep. Kalin likes to give her kisses back.


Paige is good in improvising: When it is to hot to play with her sisters, she go and try to catch butterfly's and than you catch 2 butterfly's at once
Dawnville You've Gotta Be Kidding
Bjgsr. 2005

Ch.Hillacre High On Style
Ch.Aanara Knight Move
Ch.Hillacre Hylites O Sarah
Dawnville Queen of Spades Ch.Faradale Frisbee for Grandgables
Ch.Dawnville Tri 'n Stop Me
Excellent Choice Spezial Effect

Multi Ch. Zarvo Simply Smashing Multi Ch. Dreams Runaway Match vom Alsterthal
Zarvo's Excellent Dream
Dts. Jg.  Ch. Moorwood Theme of Megnificent Glory Multi Ch. Riabel Son Of A Gun

Moorwood Theme Of Another Memory