Phoebe is the firstborn daughter of a breed from 4 puppies on the 14th of September 2003. She is a daughter from Excellent Choice Spezail Effect - "Whisper" and Mr. Magoo of Blue tails.  Phoebe is sheltie with two personallity's, the first is a very quit sheltie, who likes to play on her back for hours with her legs. And the other very naughty Phoebe, who is very busy, have no rest, and all day busy with naughty things. Phoebe has a lot of Allure (probably something wat was hereditary from her mother) She does not want learn so fast as her sister Prudence (Probably a little Deaf ;o)) What I don't see, I don't hear.
Phoebe dit crawl out of the babybox when she was only two days old and we found her a few meters from the place were she crawled from. Phoebe is a quick learner, and learnes the naughty things from her little sister Prudence. Phoebe loves to eat and she really likes to look on the table to see if someone forgot nothing for eating ;o) When something is there you can count on it that your bread is a little less.

Phoebe is very atletic, without fear she walked the stairs in the livingroom when she was six weeks old. She does'nt like to sleep and she wants to miss nothing. When we go visit some people she always stays awake, because she does not want to miss anyting. Phoebe does like to help her sister with the naughty things and sometimes we punnish them both (no cookie or something like that :o)) Phoebe did get her ears not for listening, she rather going do naughty things than listen to us and learn good things.




Phoebe's biggest hobby is playing with her little sister!
Ned/Int. Kampioen Mr. Magoo of Blue Tails - Jw'97

Ch. Whitegold Deletete
Gibus D'Lerette
Ch. Tiakina Then He Kissed Me Ch. Edenmist Rush 'N Roulette

Tiakina Tea ForMe Please
Excellent Choice Spezial Effect

Multi Ch. Zarvo Simply Smashing Multi Ch. Dreams Runaway Match vom Alsterthal
Zarvo's Excellent Dream
Dts. Jg.  Ch. Moorwood Theme of Megnificent Glory Multi Ch. Riabel Son Of A Gun

Moorwood Theme Of Another Memory