Whirlwind of Shadows Theme of Glory


Prudence is the second girl who stayed with us from the breed Excellent Choice Spezial Effect "Whisper" x Mr. Magoo of Blue Tails "Scott", born on the 14th september 2003.  Prudence is a very naughty girl, she has a lot of naughty things from her mam Whisper.   Prudence is een intelligence lady, who learns quickly. She likes to play, she allways pulling her sister in the hairs. She sits not still, and she is all day busy. She is the most brutal from the two daughters of Whisper. If there is something to eat, she comes and watch on the table, with both legs on the table and liks from the table, even for her mother Whisper she has no respect if it comes to eating. If Whisper is eating a cookie, Prudence comes and she steals the cookie out of the maul from Whisper. Prudence loves to eat everything self. She is a lady who knows what she wants and the naughty twinkels are in her eyes, just like with her mam Whisper.

Prudence drags everything what's blinking and sparklin with her and than she hides it. She just looks like a craw. Sometimes we search for hours what she was hiding.Listening was not in her Dictionary before she did get the age of eight months. Toghetter with her sister Phoebe, their strong. Prudence just loves it to sit on top of Kalin and to force her to give kisses.

We started to try to  again to let them walk without a line, in the woods. Phoebe and Prudence ran away out of the woods when they were six months old. They heared a Truck driving on the road. And they were so curius that they desided to go and look what it was, and they ran together after the truck. Till the truck stopped. Prudence almoast was hit by a car. That was the last time that they could walk without a line in the woods. Now they listen a little bit, and we practise in the middle of the woods. We hope one day they can run without a line. Happily, she likes cookies very much.


Prudence likes to play rough with her sisters
Ned/Int. Kampioen Mr. Magoo of Blue Tails - Jw'97

Ch. Whitegold Deletete
Gibus D'Lerette
Ch. Tiakina Then He Kissed Me Ch. Edenmist Rush 'N Roulette
Tiakina Tea ForMe Please
Excellent Choice Spezial Effect

Multi Ch. Zarvo Simply Smashing Multi Ch. Dreams Runaway Match vom Alsterthal
Zarvo's Excellent Dream
Dts. Jg.  Ch. Moorwood Theme of Megnificent Glory Multi Ch. Riabel Son Of A Gun

Moorwood Theme Of Another Memory