About us



My name is Jacqueline, married to Frans. We have no children, but we have 7 wonderfull shelties. Our first Sheltie, Wildwood Flower's Inventive Shari, "Shari" she gave us the sheltie virus, we love shelties.


from left to right: Kalin with in front Savannah, Jacqueline & Whisper, Keshia & Ylanie


My hobbies are the computer, photography, en of course on the first place my Shelties. The photos you see on this site are made with much pleasure. We had only asked a few times to sit or stay, or we made a nice sound to get attention, of course we have used a few times a line for our little Phoebe and Prudence, (our whirlwinds) to hold them for a few seconds on their place. Most of the time the we take the Photocamera with us when we walk in the woods, the Shelties can play and run what they want. When they play and they stand or sit for a moment, then we make a photograph again. And natural photos, without forcing them to stay, are the best photos you can make.

We take a lot of photos of our shelties. Our Whisper is a natural talent to go on the photo, she is always Showing off. It is not a problem to get that puppy on the photo.


from left to right: Ylanie, Savannah, Kalin, Keshia, Whisper en Frans


Together we take care of our shelties. We try to do it the best we can. Daily walks in the woods. We walk in the neighbourhood to let them get used to cars, childeren, bikes and a lot of other things. We selfes don't have children from ourselves, but we borough them ofters from my brothers and sister. The Shelties like the childeren and the children like the shelties. Our shelties are always with us, they sleep also with us in the room.

Our motto: A sheltie is not only for christmas but for a lifetime. Once with us, they will always stay with us.